I take pictures of people, places and objects and artefacts, but it’s people that fascinate me the most. People doing things within a business, at conferences, events, meetings, at amazing locations, and those that are less amazing but equally fascinating – in the office, for example.

What I Do

My role is to bring your business, your brand and services to life through photographs of the people that produce them. I work with companies in London and throughout the South and South East, offering a wide range of commercial portrait and group photography services that convey a message to the audience you most wish to impress, persuade, inform or communicate with.

The Slight Edge

I can help your business make that vital yet subtle human connection that could make all the difference between an email or a phone call to enquire about your services – or not. And yes, the distinction is restrained, understated even, but a good picture or series of pictures informs our visual senses each and every time.

Commercial Portrait Photography

Research (and Google Analytics) show us that web visitors are keen to visit the Meet the Team page. If your website lacks one, it’s well worth considering. Although it’s a cliché, we like to “buy” other people, making small but significant judgements about how professional or even how trustworthy they are.

I’m a highly experienced commercial portrait photographer and can take a series of outstanding images that offer a consistent “look and feel” of the individual members of your team. The result is a series of photographs for our website that evoke trust, capability and confidence. Read more here

Team and Group Photography

We love to see a happy cohesive team, so why not ask me to take some pictures of the employees in your business, your key management team or each of your departments? A group portrait doesn’t have to be stuffy or too formal and can be taken inside, outside, in situ or in a studio.

My role is to bring life and personality to each individual within the group, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with a camera pointed at them. There are some great ways to make your team look like the valued people that they are.

I’d be happy to chat to you about what you need, so feel free to get in touch.