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Corporate Photographer in London and the South

I’m Rob Petherick and I’m a commercial photographer. I’ll take powerful, effective images for your website, brochure, packaging, advertising or posters. The sectors I work in are as diverse as there are people, places and objects to take pictures of.

If your business needs a freelance photographer to capture a business event, the professionalism of your team, or the energy of a conference or training day, my camera and I are at your disposal.

As a corporate photographer, my work is varied. Very varied, in fact. No two days are the same and of course, every client has distinct aims and objectives.

What may I do for your business?

You care about your brand. And, so do I. It’s all about your business. Essentially, I’ll work closely to your brief to help deliver a particular message, look or feel. This is a strong, consistent approach to reflect your company’s core values.

My work includes, but isn’t limited to the following sectors:

Financial and Professional Services

Banking, accountancy and insurance businesses update their websites regularly. The financial services sector often engages my services for headshots, group photographs, away days, conferences and events.

Museums and Art Galleries

My speciality. Why? Because I have a particular skill with lighting. Those treasured images can be documented for time immemorial, perhaps for insurance purposes, minus the issues from the artwork’s reflective surfaces. This isn’t easy, or so I’m told. I’ve always been good at capturing pictures of pictures – if you see what I mean.

A digital record of highly valuable objects preserves, authenticates and verifies the past and present into the future. If you’d like me to document historical memorabilia or artefacts, contact me.


If you have a product launch or a new service to promote, get in touch. I’m happy to be a subtle yet essential part of your direct and indirect marketing. A great commercial picture will “speak” to your target market and can be captured for ever.

Other sectors:

  • Membership organisations
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Political and Trades Unions
  • Packaging
  • Industrial and Architecture

In summary, if you have a business and you’re after good quality, effective marketing, a corporate photographer who knows his stuff is a must.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.